Gameplan For Women On How To Start Getting Fit After 40

Gameplan For Women On How To Start Getting Fit After 40

As women get older, it may be even harder to lose weight compared to their younger counterparts.

Sometimes, we seem to forget about ourselves due to our daily schedule getting busier by the day, year after year.  

This leads to it being a little harder for women to think about how to start getting fit after 40. 

As you age, your metabolism starts to slow down. When compared to your 20's, you’ll more than likely burn 300 calories less as you go through your 40's.

A hectic work schedule is highly likely to be a contributing factor to where you just can’t seem to find the time to sneak in a workout.

While doing a workout in the ladies room on your lunch break may seem ideal, it also my make you afraid of how weird it will look to your co-workers.  

Losing weight and how to start getting fit after 40 is possible.

And it’s doable as long as you have a plan in place. It may be tough at first considering that we are nurturers by nature, spending time taking care of others before ourselves. 

Yet, there’s a way to nurture ourselves even when we think it’s near impossible. But nothing comes together if you don’t have a plan.

For example, if your days are usually busy, you can challenge yourself to get up earlier than usual.

Not so many people consider themselves morning people, but getting up early will allow you a little bit more extra time to yourself. If the whole house is up at 6AM, get up an hour earlier.

You can utilize that one hour block to fill in a quick workout. It doesn’t even have to last the entire hour.

Before going any further, let’s cover the common mistakes that women tend to make when they’re trying to lose weight and how to start getting fit after 40:

women walking exercise

Not changing up how you walk

When you go for walks, it’s basically just maintaining the same speed every time.

Why not challenge yourself and change course. Do you know any hills close by?

Walk up and down it. Also, change up your speeds from time to time to maximize your walks.

Sometimes, determining how much ground you cover will aid in your weight loss efforts.

Not challenging yourself as much

As stressed in the previous example, doing the same old and not challenging yourself makes the whole weight loss for women pointless.

You’ll be surprised how much you need to push yourself once you start working out.

poor eating habits

Poor eating habits

Again, pretty self-explanatory. Eat what’s not good in your weight loss efforts and the entire purpose is defeated.

Whoever said “eat what you want” and still lose weight obviously was telling you a don’t believe it.

Skipping Meals

Staying on the topic of eating, it’s important not to miss a meal.

Doing so will send your metabolism in a tizzy. Even worse, skipping breakfast or lunch will also cause your blood sugar to nosedive and leading you to find that quick energy fix.

Whatever you do, create a meal plan and stick with it.

No consistency

Consistency is the key to success. Read that last sentence again.

Mix it in with commitment, motivation, and dedication and you have yourself a recipe for a pretty awesome weight loss journey.

So keep at it, no matter what.

relying on ankle weights

Relying on ankle weights

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not wise to use ankle weights if you intend on toning your legs.

You’re setting yourself up for a high risk of injuring your tendons and ligaments.

Instead, use body weight exercises such as lunges. Use dumbbell weights for an extra challenge.

relying on hand weights

Relying on hand weights

Again...a no-go. You’re better off walking in intervals and relying on bodyweight exercises.

Not wearing the right shoes

If you’re looking for shoes, find shoes that are lightweight. Make sure they also support your feet as well.

The last thing you want to do is wear shoes that will be a major pain (figuratively and literally).

You can try out different styles to see what fits your criteria, so long as they support you and give you the best comfort possible.

Not getting enough sleep

This is basically a no-brainer. Getting anywhere between 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night is optimal for a great workout...even if it consists of walking.

A well-rested night can yield great results in your workouts.


Your body was built to take on challenges. Now is the time to accept them and conquer your weight loss goals.

Just remember to put together a battle plan and stay consistent with it regularly.

Weight loss program for women does not happen on exercise alone. Have a steady diet in place and remember to stick with it also without skipping a meal.