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What Considerations Should Be Made Before You Begin a Running Program?

What Considerations Should Be Made Before You Begin a Running Program?
Before you start running, there are a few considerations you need to make. Everyone was a beginner at some point in their running experience, so do not feel as though these are steps that are unfairly asked of only you. To ensure a successful and enduring running experience, do not be discouraged by the need to start at the beginning.

getting ready to runFirst, this report is not a replacement for the advice of a licensed physician. Before you begin any drastic changes in your physical lifestyle, you should always consult your doctor. Go see your doctor to ensure you have no medical limitations that may preclude you from enjoying a healthy new habit of running. The recommendation to consult a doctor should not be viewed as a requirement to gain permission, but instead a medical screening may simply give you a good place to begin charting your progress. Additionally, your doctor can remind you of your medical history and help to interpret what effects may be felt as a result of your previous health. Doctors will rarely try to discourage you from exercising, but they will definitely help to guide you on a path that will prove physically beneficial and provide you with the greatest results.

A specific condition to consider if you are just beginning running is your age. There are many marathon runners over the age of 60, but if you are just starting and you are over 60 then you are going to want your doctor to advise you of the caution areas. Another specific condition to discuss with your doctor is your family history of diseases such as heart disease. If your heart is abnormally weak, then the stress of running may do exponentially unexpected damage. When discussing a future in running with your doctor, be sure to bring up any instances when you have felt lightheaded or dizzy. Chest pains and joint problems are also important topics to address with your doctor.

There are almost no medical conditions that will cause your doctor to completely discourage you from attempting to begin running. However, being honest with your doctor may raise some genuine concerns that can prove beneficial in the long run if addressed right from the beginning. Once you have had a chance to receive a full examination from your doctor, and have reviewed the results of associated tests, then you will have an accurate starting point from which to begin your safe running experience.