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Why Running is a Successful Way to Keep Fit?

Why Running is a Successful Way to Keep Fit

Running to Keep Fit

Running to Keep Fit

The modern person is concerned with their health and is interested in finding ways to stay fit. Some of the primary concerns with health revolve around obesity, heart disease and stress. Fortunately, running can help to increase benefits in avoiding all of these categories while also working to increase your longevity.
It is common for people to begin running due to health concerns that center around looking better or feeling better. Running is an excellent way to stay fit because it is a self-perpetuating cycle of continued improvement. Once you start running, the benefits will naturally begin to have a positive influence on the quality of your life and will thus enable you to run and enjoy physical activity more, which will in turn continue to increase you propensity to do just that. Once you begin the cycle of healthy living, just as with the cycle of unhealthy living, it is very difficult to break it because your body will more easily embrace the path you have set it on.

Obesity, or weighing more than 20 percent of the ideal weight for your height, is a rampant problem in the West. Obese people have typically become trapped in a cycle of unhealthy living. Regardless of what has caused the excess weight, the impact will be the same. Increased blood pressure from obesity can lead to risks of contracting more serious diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. If you have no energy to be active, then you will not be active, which will result in the contraction of ailments due to inactivity. However, the opposite is true as well. When you begin to run, you challenge your body to endure more strenuous activity. By increasing your physical exertion levels, you are increasing the number of calories you will be burning every day. When you burn more calories, you lose weight. And when you lose weight, you are more likely to have higher energy levels because you are lighter, stronger and more accustomed to activity.

Running to lose weight is one of the most popular reasons people take up running in the first place. Running can begin a self perpetuating cycle of healthy living as much as not running can lead to a self perpetuating cycle of poor health. Many obese people visualize runners as people who enjoy great health and slender physiques. After only a few days of trying to run, some lose interest because they are exhausted, and they are not seeing any immediate results. Rest assured that running is a long term investment in an excellent physique, and you can achieve a slender build. The results, however, are the product of commitment. You can lose weight through running if you follow a scheduled and consistent plan. The weight will not magically disappear in a week or a month, but rest assured that once it does disappear it is much easier to keep it off by continuing to run.

Weight loss is one of the most prominent reasons that people turn to running, but it is not the only draw. Decreasing one’s risk for diseases such as heart disease or diabetes is also a very important and import reason to begin running. The heart is a muscle that is strengthened with exercise like all other muscles of the body, and when the heart is made stronger then the risk of heart disease is lowered.

Regular running exercise increases your aerobic capacity. An increase in your aerobic exercise levels means that your body has increased its ability to uptake oxygen. Basically, if you increase your oxygen uptake ability then that means that you have increased your body’s ability to efficiently transport oxygen rich blood to the many different muscles of the body. Since most people cannot directly observe the oxygenation levels of a person’s body, this health benefit from running is frequently overlooked. The benefit of increased efficiency in transporting oxygen rich blood may not be something easily spotted, it is a sign that the body’s circulatory system is working efficiently by utilizing an increasingly stronger pump – the heart – to provide more high quality blood throughout the system. Having a strong heart seems great, but what is the actual benefit of such a thing?

A stronger heart means a stronger ability to move the blood forcefully through the blood vessels. Heart disease is the result of deterioration of the heart caused by weakness and blockage. These terrible effects are the result of the heart being too weak to push through the contaminants, like plaque, that build up in the blood vessels. By increasing the strength of the heart, the flow of blood becomes forceful enough to break through plaque deposits and keep the blood moving toxins out and oxygen in throughout the body.

The benefits of a stronger heart cannot be overstated, but that is not to say that it is the only health benefit. Remember, improved heath is a self perpetuating cycle. As one area of the body increases in health, so too will the other areas of the body follow. We are beings that are made of completely symbiotic systems. As the heart benefits with increased aerobic exercise, other parts of the body such as the lungs also benefit.

The lungs serve the purpose of supplying oxygen to the blood while expelling some toxins. Like any muscle in the body, the lungs will perform stronger and more efficiently as they are exercised. When you first begin running, you may experience shortness of breath or feel quickly depleted partly because your lungs are not strong enough to meet the muscles’ demands for oxygen. As the lungs fall behind in their retrieval of oxygen, your body’s blood is transporting less of it to the muscles. When the muscles receive blood that is less oxygenated, they respond poorly.

The fitness that results from running affects the inside and the outside of the body. Running can make you appear leaner, but it will also strengthen your lungs and heart. As your lungs become fit because you are cycling larger amounts of air through them, risk for disease decreases because of the reduced time for infectious irritants to linger and do damage. You will make your heart and lungs stronger, which will in turn increase the general efficiency throughout your body. You will shed unneeded pounds and your body will operate at an optimal level. As your health increases, your energy levels will raise. You will feel and look younger, which will ultimately result in living longer. It seems too good to be true, but it is not. It seems too simple to be effective, but it is not. Running can make you healthier, lower your risk of some diseases and extend your life; if you stick with it.