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Essential Running Gadgets

5 Essential Running Gadgets for [2020]

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Putting one foot in front of the other in quick succession, repeatedly, has made running one of the world's most natural and oldest forms of physical activity.

Running has been taken to the next level with modern technology and the latest gizmos and gadgets, as a way to help runners run better.

Every runner dreams of maximizing his or her best form and the way to do it are to log miles.

The latest and innovative designs of the trackers will do that for you and more.

Using these sophisticated trackers provides you vital data to show you ways to improve your running form as well as areas that need to be worked on.

There are countless running gadgets out in the market today to turn runners like you and me into hard and trim machines.

Because maximizing our running results is what it’s all about, right?

With this said, here are our five handpicked list of must-have running gadgets for 2019:

Altra Torin IQ Smart Running Shoes

Everything you've ever wanted in a pair of trainers except to do the running for you is with Altra Torin IQ smart running shoes.

It's so sophisticated that it collects all kinds of data as you pound the road or trails with the use of the pressure sensors located around the shoes’ length. ​

The Altra IQ app then stores the gathered data and provides coaching guidelines on ways to improve your running style as well.

Stats collected by this zero-drop and single-styled cushioned shoes include every impact, landing, and stride changes your feet make as you run.

It even provides you with information about the length of time your foot stays in contact with the pavement, trails or floor.

An injury is also considerably reduced by this pair of smart trainers with the special cushion design.

The midfoot, heel or forefoot cadence and impact of the run data collected and provided by the shoes are valuable stats for runners that are out to maximize their running potential.

Polar A370 Activity Tracker

Checking on your ticker accurately than a phone app or watch is what Polar A370 Activity Tracker is all about.

Other than providing you with accurate data about your heart rate, it also gives you stats about calorie burn.

The A370 is a forearm sensor which is far more comfortable than chest straps designs.

The design is water-resistant and comes in two adjustable straps to securely fit onto the forearm.

The data provided by the sensor is as accurate as the chest strap type and more accurate than the ticker watch.

The accurate data provided by the Polar makes it a must-have gadget for runners as a way to check their heart health as well as the calories burned during the run. Knowing about vital information such as these also gives runners all the options to improve their game.

The A370 Activity Tracker can be connected to any iOS, GPS running watches, bike computers, and Android devices to view the gathered data.



The bane of runners is to strap along a backpack to carry all the things needed from phones, water bottles, cash, credit cards, keys, etc. on every run.

The backpack might be an innovative design a couple of years back but not so today. Running with a pack adds unnecessary weight that could affect stability, speed, and balance.

Fret no more for FlipBelt is here to save the day.

FlipBelt is considered as the ultimate and most innovative carrier belt for runners to hold all the gadgets they need to take with them on their run.

All you need is to fix the fabric tube in your waist, tuck in everything you need from earphones, credit cards, phone, etc., flip it over, and you're set.

The lack of latches and zips plus the zero bounce means that worrying about chafing is out. Just get the correct sizes ranging from 23 -41 inches and you’re good to go.

There are no unnecessary and bulky adjustment buckles and straps to contend with as well.

The belt is designed to securely and comfortably grip your waist with no bouncing and riding up allowed. What about water bottles?

The designer has created a special water bottle that fits right into the belt, saying bye-bye to bottle carrying straps and backpacks.

Knuckle Lights

The winter solstice means longer nights.

Pitch black surroundings are not options for runners, and neither is a bulky flashlight or a detachable bike light to light the way during a run.

Enter knuckle lights and the world becomes brighter and more convenient for night runners.

Aptly named, the knuckle lights have adjustable straps to make them fit snugly into your knuckles.

Instead of holding a light in your hands, the light coming from both knuckles make it easier to navigate through the routes and trails.

Notwithstanding, the 280 lumens and the 10 feet width light coverage of each knuckle light makes it a pretty bright option to have.

They are available in pairs and wearing one in each hand easily announces your presence to one and all.


Pairing the knuckle lights with the Runbell will not only make people see you, but they can also hear you from a distance away.

Running can now be a visible and audible activity, making it doubly safe for runners like you and me.

With the Runbell, you can now proactively inform people that you are coming through.

Designed like a big ring, the Runbell can be easily pressed with the thumb. 

The ringing sound it produces can cut through background music and noisy crowds.

The bell sound produced is a recognizable and familiar sound.

A runner instead of a bike is the surprising element people show when they make way for the ringing bell sound.

Wearing the knuckle lights in one hand and the Runbell in the other hand is the best safety options for runners to have during winter runs.


“The tip of the iceberg” is the cliché to describe the gadgets listed in this article for there’s so much more. ​

All we did was to whittle the list to choose the ones we feel runners would gain more from.