Mindset and Behavior of a Runner - Keeping a Healthy Motivation

The Mindset of a Runner

The Mindset and Behavior of a Runnermindset and behavior

You can train your body to do amazing things if your mind believes and is motivated to do so.

Having the right mindset and behavior will propel your new lifestyle.

Running is a natural act that stresses the body, and often the brain will choose to not endure activities that cause stress without reward.

During a long run, many runners enter an internal negotiation with their brain.

It is a conflict between their body’s desire to avoid strenuous activity and a desire of the brain to accomplish a desired task.

A mindset and behavior of enjoyment and anticipation will help to rid you of the mental pains of running.

This is an activity that most choose to do for its benefits, and it should not be an added mental stress.

If you do not enjoy running, then you can choose any number of other activities to achieve good health.

To maintain good physical fitness, there are hundreds of different activities that can bring you success.

If you choose running, do it because you love the feel of operating your body in a graceful and efficient manner.

Look forward to each time you will run, and be disappointed by the times you cannot.

Running should never become drudgery.

Keeping the sport interesting and rewarding can be as simple as varying your routes or as complex as following a regiment for marathon training.

It should be a source of pleasure to lace up your shoes.

A true child-like feeling of anticipation before a run is an excellent frame of mind that will always help you to stay focused and loyal to this sport.

Accept that it will be difficult, but face the challenges with curiosity and adaptability.