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Patty’s Coaching Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ketogenic diet?

Is keto safe?

Should I try keto? 

Won’t eating all that fat raise my cholesterol? 

Aren’t carbohydrates necessary to survive? 

What are macros and do I have to count them? 

Isn’t eating red meat bad for your heart? 

What is the keto flu? 

What is ketosis and how do I know if I’m in it?  

I know someone who did this who got headaches and felt awful, why?   

Can I drink alcohol on keto?  

Can I eat dairy?   

Can I eat fruit on keto?   

Do I have to count calories?  

Will keto damage my thyroid?  

Can I do keto if I had my gall bladder removed?  

Can I do keto if I’m prediabetic or have type 2 diabetes?   

Will keto help my PCOS?   

Can I do keto if I’m vegan/vegetarian?    

How much weight can I lose?    

Will keto hurt my kidneys?    

What if I get constipated?