Best Diet For Women Over 50

Best Diet For Women Over 50

As we get older maintaining good health becomes even more important.

It's easy to become overwhelmed with all the diets options that are out. 

What worked for you in your twenties might not work the same now that you're over fifty.

After all, there is no one size fits all diet for everyone. If you’re female or male you may need a different diet. 

Again, if you’re 20 or 50 you will need a different diet as well.

But what is exactly is the best diet for women over 50, especially if you're looking for the healthy diet

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It’s important to know what is out there and what your plans are (or should be).

High Protein

One of the best ways to lose weight when you’re over 50 is to follow a high-protein diet.

This combined with lower carbohydrate consumption will yield positive results.

Increasing your protein intake will actually help to preserve your lean body mass.

However, studies have mainly considered the addition of whey proteins rather than meat-based proteins.

Meat proteins are a focus of a number of different weight loss diets, including Weight Watchers, South Beach, and Atkins.

It’s difficult to know if these traditional proteins have similar benefits from alternative proteins (like whey) and how much.

High Fruit And Veggies

High Fruit and Veggies

We're not saying all carbs are bad.

The key is eating the right ones.

Fruits and vegetables contain important nutrients that our bodies need.

In addition, they help to keep you feeling full longer.

For women who are trying to lose weight, this can make a big difference.

Also, reducing the amount of dairy you eat will be helpful.

Dairy often upsets the digestive tract and can cause inflammation.

While this type of diet isn’t quite as well known, there are still several available including the DASH diet, the Mediterranean diet, and the Mayo Clinic diet.

These focus on higher fruit and vegetable intake as well as healthy fats.

Health-Focused Diets

Health Focused Diets

There are many people out there that are struggling with their weight and different health issues.  

It’s important to consider how you can work with them in order to lose excess weight.

Of course, it’s important to know what’s safe and healthy for you without damaging your overall health.

For those with heart conditions, Ornish and TLC diets can be great.

Diets geared for diabetics monitor foods by the Glycemic Index.

Talking with your doctor will help you best understand your health condition and guide you to the right diet.

What Is The Best Diet For Women Over 50?

So far we've discussed diets that focus on things like health problems, high protein, and a high intake of fruit and vegetables. 

A Ketogenic diet is a high fat, medium protein, and low carbohydrate way of eating that reduces inflammation, boost your immune system, and improves brain function. 

This all becomes increasing important as we age. Here's a beginners guide to start this way of eating.

Best Diet For Women Over 50

But there are also diet plans that are specifically designed for women who are 40, 50, or older.

These diets are designed to help those who are getting into hormonal changes due to perimenopause and menopause.

The Sexy Forever Diet, by Suzanne Somers, is designed for those over 40. 

Helping you figure out different foods that are good for you and exercise regimens that you’ll enjoy.

The Hormone Diet is another one that is actually a book.

It guides you through six weeks of eating right and improving your metabolism.

Also, it shows you how to lower your stress levels and ways to get the sleep you need.

The All-Natural Menopause Diet  is another popular diet for women over 50.

This diet focuses on healthy and organic foods that help relieve hot flashes and prevent osteoporosis.

For easier more familiar options, try NutriSystem or Jenny Craig. Both have options for men and women over 50 and the food is delivered to you.  

Some people even enjoy a high protein nutrition shake as a meal replacement.

They keep you feeling full and help to ward off cravings. 

The Workout


Working out is also a great addition to a healthy diet.

This doesn't mean you need to spend hours in the gym. Simple walking can have great benefits.

Add in basic resistance training exercises and you will actually help to strengthen your bones.

This is very important as we age and will help to reduce your risk of osteoporosis. 

You can find many of these exercises online that can be done in the comforts of your own home.

Even 30 minutes a day will make a difference in the way you feel and the way you look.

For those with mobility issues, swimming is also a good alternative. 

 So What is The Best Diet For Women Over 50?

Before you start any diet, consult with your doctor and get a diet that works for your individual needs.

You don’t want to make drastic changes to your life without your doctor’s approval.

This could result in serious complications to your overall health.


Talking to your physician and doing some research will allow you to find the right diet for you.

There might be some trial and error involved based on your personal preferences.

But being healthy is so important especially after 50.

The older we get, the more at risk we are for certain health conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise will insure a better quality of life as we age. 

We've mention several diets that will work for women over fifty.

Try some out and see what works for you.

Even if you're not looking to lose weight you still want to eat right.

Being healthy will allow you to have the best quality of life so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Make the second half of your life the best!