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Best Running Shoes for Business Travel [2020]

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A healthy lifestyle has to continue even when you are on the road.

There’s no excuse for not exercising because you travel for work.

You just need to find the best running shoes for business travel.

Today’s athletic shoes have much sleeker designs and are considerably lighter in weight compared to their older counterparts.

Modern technology and design have given us so many more style options while still being functional. So find the right pair and packed them with you on your next trip.

With the thousands of running shoes out on the market today, it’s difficult to decide which one is the best.

Here we will compare several options to enable you to make an informed choice.

Choosing the Right Travel Running Shoes

Actually, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing the perfect travel running shoes.

What may work for you may not work for others since everyone’s foot anatomy is different.

It also depends on the type of exercising that’s being performed.

There are several factors that should be taken into consideration which include:

Are the shoes pack-able?

If you are a light packer and use a backpack as your choice of luggage, figure out if they will fit?

Of course, these shoes might not be suited for all occasions, so having room for a more formal pair of shoes is ideal.

Adding the rest of your needed items shouldn’t make it weigh so much that it’s uncomfortable to carry.

Here are some things to look for to determine if an athletic shoe is pack-able:

  • An upper section that is semi-collapsible
  • Mesh designs
  • Lightweight ideally less than 10 ounces
  • Flexible or collapsible heel structure
  • A flexible mid-sole

Are the shoes durable?

Your lifestyle determines the choice of shoes.

Do you work out in a gym or are you a runner who likes to find outdoor trails each place you go?

If you’re a distance runner then spending money on a more durable shoe is recommended. 

They are pricey but it’s worth the investment for comfort and durability.

Don’t be tempted by the bright colors and prints. Go for the ones that feel comfortable and adaptable to any terrain.

Are the shoes versatile?

Is the shoe travel-friendly? How do you know if it is?

Weight and versatility are two things that should be considered.

You don’t want footwear that is too bulky or heavy when you travel.

Ideally, find a pair that will serve multiple functions.

If not then make sure they are lightweight.

Are the shoes comfortable?

They should feel comfortable even if you have to wear them for an entire day. 

Work out in them and make sure they feel good the whole time.

Blisters or irritations should not happen if you have a properly fitting shoe.

Again can they be worn for different occasions?

These are the questions to determine whether the new shoe you’re thinking of buying is the right one.

Top Picks for Best Running Shoe to Take on a Business Trip

Here are different options to consider in your search for the perfect running shoe for travel.

These are some top picks we’ve found to provide peak performance for both men and women while being convenient for travel.

For Men:

Salomon S-Lab Sense 5 Ultra Trail

If you’re a serious runner, then the Salomon is a match made in heaven.

Tackle long distances on a variety of terrains with ease and comfort.

They provide the right level of protection and lightweight features of a quality shoe.

Under Armour Hovr Phantom

These provide both cushion and support that will make you feel like you’re running on air.

In addition, they are perfect if you have to wear them for an extended period of time due to their very lightweight feature.

Also, the strain for performing high-impact sports is reduced due to the “zero gravity feel” provided by the UV HOVR technology.

Saucony Triumph ISO 3

If you want running shoes that fit like a glove, then these are it.

They provide fluidity with each stride while still giving the needed support.

This is a well-structured shoe that performs due to the ISOFIT technology of Saucony.

It also has responsive cushioning that allows your running to be smooth and balanced resulting in a better running experience.

Adidas Performance Ultra Boost

Feel and stay pumped on every run with the built-in energy boost that is providing from the design of this shoe. 

The Primekinit upper is breathable, and the shoe is lightweight giving a great performance as well as maximizing your comfort.

For Women:

Adidas UltraBoost W

Running at peak performance is felt on every run with the perfect combination of high- performance technology and comfortable fit.

Thus running becomes smooth and seamless with the upper, stretchy kit that fits the shape of your feet to a T.

This also allows for maximum breath-ability.

ASICS Gel-Venture 5 Running Shoe

You’ll be able to run easily on all terrains due to the durable outsole and rearfoot gel cushioning system that’s featured on the ASICS Gel-Venture.

The shoes are breathable, lightweight, durable, and, best of all, priced right.

Salomon XR Mission Running Shoe

Salomon XR Mission Running Shoe

Stability and lightweight feel are the benefits enjoyed with the new Salomon XR Mission designs.

The snug fit is a unique feature provided by the quick lace system, and the durable Contagrip technology ensures great grip when it’s most needed.

Which in turn makes it suitable for roads or trails.

Adidas Performance Ultra Boost St

Whether you’re going for distance or going for speed, these will perform for you.

The ultra-boost mid-sole design of the Adidas Performance Ultra Boost makes running easier and comfortable.

With the supportive and flexible fit provided by the breathable upper expands, running on all terrains is guaranteed to be fast and easy.

Highly Recommended

The Under Armour HOVR Phantom is our top pick for men with the Adidas UltraBoost for women.

This is because of the amazing features found in both shoes, which include:

  • Incredible cushioning for maximum comfort and stability
  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Presentable looks when worn with non-running gear
  • Portable
  • Ideal companions to take with you on a vacation or business travel with plans to run while traveling


“Looks” and price should not be the deciding factors when you’re on the market for a new pair of running shoes.

Inexpensive ones generally don’t work for the long haul.

There are a lot of options to choose from.

You don’t have to sacrifice looks for comfort and durability.

With today’s new designs, running shoes can look good and provide the performance needed.

They can be worn for multiple occasions and back easily in a backpack or suitcase so you have the perfect running shoe for business travel.