Mental Weight Loss Strategies To Keep You On Track
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The Evolution Of Mental Strategies For Weight Loss

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It is no secret that diet and exercise are the main components for successful weight loss. However don’t forget how powerful your mind is in the equation.

Here are 6 mental strategies for weight loss that will allow you to reach your goals.

Don’t Get Discourage

When you first start at out your super excited and motivated.

You eliminate sugary foods from your diet and replace them with lean protein and health vegetables.

You're  drinking the right amount of water and even made it to the gym three times this week.  

At the end of the week you step on the scale and find only a half pound loss.

Then next week turns into the same scenario.

After checking to make sure the scale isn’t broken, you throw your hands up in the air and say it’s impossible. 

The key thing to remember is that this is a marathon not a sprint.

Your body is going through drastic changes and need time to adjust.

It’s important to be happy with the progress you’re making and don’t be short sided.

Finding out how to get in the mind set to lose weight is key.

You Must Have Accountability

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Tell everyone that will listen.

Let your friends and family know about your weight loss plans and ask them for support.

You may even find a coworker who’s struggling with his or her weight and want to join the journey.

When times get tough and they will having that support is crucial.

It’s surprising to see how much others want you to succeed and that can be very encouraging through the rough patches.

The Scale Is Not Your Friend

Nothing can derail your weight loss plan faster than the scale.

While yes it’s needed to monitor your progress, don’t give it too much control.

Weighing yourself every day can really through you off your game.

Your weight naturally fluctuates throughout the day sometimes by 3-5 pounds usually due to water.

Also if you’re strength training, muscle will be replacing fat and muscle weighs more.

Check in on the scale once a week.

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Ideally at the same time and with similar clothing on.

However remember the number is not everything.

Don’t get discouraged because it’s not what you thought it should be.

Do measurements instead and you might find that your losing inches.

Check to see how your clothes are fitting and how you look in the mirror.

These are more important than an arbitrary number on the scale.

However if you’re doing everything right and the scale still won’t move,check out some common mistakes that inhibit weight loss.

Think Small

Set yourself up for success.

It is easier to accomplish smaller goals throughout your process rather than focusing the end amount especially if you have a serious amount of weight to lose.

Say you want to lose 30 pounds by the holidays, first set the goal for 5 pounds by the next month.

That will be a healthy amount of weight to lose per week. 

If you want to fit in your size 6 jeans that you haven’t been able to wear in years, then try dropping one size.

Maybe you eat fast food 3 days a week,first cut back to one day a week. 

Achieving these shorter milestones will give you the confidence and motivation to reach your final goal.

Give Yourself A Reward

It's important to recognize the small goals you're achieving.

Take the time to reward yourself for all your hard work.

Of course this doesn't mean going out on a fattening, high calorie eating binge.

Make sure you use choose non food related rewards.  

Maybe buy a new workout outfit for the gym or treat yourself to a spa day.

What ever works for you.

Rewards can a tool when you're trying to learn how to motivate yourself to lose weight.

Write It Down

Documenting your weight loss journey is important to keeping you on track.

Write down each of the goals you want to accomplish.

Get a journal and record everything you eat in a day, and I mean everything!

Map out the meals you’re going to eat for the week so you have a list for the grocery store.

There are also ready made foods that make it easier if time is an issue.

If you struggle with cravings you can try bullet proof coffee.

Prepare meals and healthy snacks ahead of time.

This will help you avoid making bad choices when temptation comes around.

Use these strategies to ensure your success and good luck in reaching your goals!