11 Ways To Run Longer And How To Increase Stamina For Running

11 Ways To Run Longer And How To Increase Stamina For Running

As runners, each of us has a personal goal or two we’d love to crush, such as, how to increase stamina for running. Yet, there’s one in common that we probably do share: we don’t want to ever get tired. Endurance and stamina are two of the most important elements that any runner should have if they intend to run for miles. This goes especially for 10ks, marathons, and even triathlons (if you like to compete in those). There are times when we have those runs where after one mile after another, we just want to stop and just fall to the ground.

If your goal as a runner is to ensure that you want to run longer and keep going consistently, this little write up is all you need. In fact, let’s say that this is required reading for any runner (be it starting out or a seasoned vet) trying to build up their endurance. Let’s break down from start to finish how you can run longer and feel less tired doing it.

keeping the healthy diet

1. Maintain a well-balanced, healthy diet

This is just stating the obvious and then some. You have to keep healthy and eat a healthy diet in order to make your runs long. In this case, you want to keep the junk food to a minimum (if not completely away from you). Be sure whatever you eat has plenty of vitamins. Calcium is an important element in your diet, so make sure that your milk is either 2% or skim

2. Get involved in other athletic activities

You can’t build endurance simply by just your daily run. That’s why it’s important to get involved with anything that has to do with athletics? Got some friends who love basketball? Get together once a week and shoot hoops at the local rec center. Does your husband or wife love tennis? Challenge them to a match at the tennis court. Your best bet is to do an athletic activity that involves a lot of aerobics.

3. Always stretch and warm up before a run

If there were a set of rules for running or keeping fit, this will definitely be rule number one. Stretching and warming up is a great way to reduce risk of strain or injury while you are running. These are essential on how to increase stamina at home before that long distance run. At the same time, you want your muscles to be at its best when it comes to efficiency. It should go without saying that your legs should be the main priority when stretching and warming up.

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4. Use good breathing techniques

Having proper breathing techniques is great for pacing yourself. Sometimes, even an improper breathing technique (like long, deep breaths in) could wind you. One technique to try out it “two in, two out”. This means taking two short puffs in, and two short puffs out.

5. Always be hydrated

It’s no secret that hydrating yourself is a priority. That’s why it’s important to carry a water bottle with your while you’re on your run. Be sure to fill it up before you even set foot out the door. If you don’t have one, have at least a glass of water before your run begins.

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6. Find your pace

One of the worst mistakes any runner can make is starting off at a pace that isn’t necessary. Don’t start your run on a dead sprint or you’ll end up winded before you even hit your first mile. It’s better to start out at a brisk, jogging pace. As the run progresses, you can gradually build up to your desired speed. If you feel like you’re starting to get winded, slow down back to your jogging pace. As your endurance slowly builds up, you can be able to increase the speed of your pace.

maintaining the running pace

7. Just keep going...even if you feel tired

Just because you’re feeling tired, doesn’t mean that’s your green light to stop running. You will be out of focus on how to increase stamina for running if you just stop the moment you feel like taking a nap. However, if you feel exhausted then slow it down to a power walk speed. If you feel pain at some point, you’ll know that you’ve overexerted yourself.

8. Get into the music

Got some songs you know that keep you running at your pace? Load them up to your iPod and use them to keep your auditory senses occupied while you run. Music with a steady beat is great to keep you at a steady pace. Who says you can’t run to the music and have fun at the same time?

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9. Mindset, mindset, mindset

As the old saying goes, “it’s 10% physical, 90% mental”. In laymen’s terms, the motivation to keep running begins right in your head. Think about the people who support you and are proud of you for achieving your goals. Count down the miles you have to go on every run and the progress you have made on how to increase stamina for running. Positive, motivational self-talk will hardwired your mind for the better and keep you going stride after stride.

Pro-Tip: If you have a running buddy, bring them along. There’s nothing more satisfying than having someone run alongside you that will encourage you from start to finish. You, of course will feel the satisfaction when you do the same for your buddy.

10. Cool down

Like your warm ups in the beginning, the cool down period is the most vital part of your workout. This should be done in the last 10-15 minutes of your run. Do this by gradually slowing down to a walking pace. It’s also imperative to do cool down stretches in exercises to reduce body fatigue.

11. Rest

Not every day has to be a run day. One must rest their body and mind for at least a day before doing it all over again.

There you have it. Be sure to bookmark this and use as a reference every time you want to know more about running fast. Be sure to share this with a friend if they’re starting out with running or trying to find ways to run longer.

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